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Changes for version 4.0

  1. freeWrap 4.0 is based on TCL/TK 8.2.2
  2. The freeWrap executable file is now much smaller. It has been compressd with UPX and now fits on a single floppy.
  3. Wrapped file paths can now include spaces.
  4. Wrapped binary files take less room than previous versions of freeWrap.
  5. Added a few features, procedure and variables to support my new application distribution program, freeDelivery .
  6. Added -p command line option to wrap application distribution packages
  7. Pressing the [x] on the root window under Windows95/98/NT now exits the program completely from memory. Several people were confused about Windows’ default behavior which closed the root window but kept the program in memory. Programmer’s can still intercept the WM_DELETE_WINDOW event themselves using the “wm protocol” command.
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