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Changes for version 5.6

  1. A new freeWrap command line option has been added to specify the Windows program icon to use for the wrapped application.
  2. A generic ZIP file creation capability has been added with a new ::freewrap::makeZIP command. This command incorporates the capabilities of the Info-ZIP ZIP2.3 program directly into the freeWrap code.
  3. FreeWrap no longer uses a separate ZIP program to do its work. ZIP capabilities have been compiled directly into freeWrap.
  4. The WINICO extension for Windows has been added back into freeWrap.
  5. The ::freewrap::getStubSize command now returns a correct, non-zero value under Linux. This fix also enables the ::freewrap::reconnect command to work under Linux since ::freewrap::reconnect called ::freewrap:getStubSize.
  6. FreeWrap no longer performs source code encryption. This “protection” is rather weak when used in script-wrapping applications. Therefore, this feature has been removed.
  7. You no longer need write permission to script files you will be wrapping.
  8. FreeWrap 5.6 is based on TCL/TK 8.4.4
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