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Changes for version 6.3

  1. Freewrap 6.3 is based on TCL/TK 8.4.16
  2. Added support for freeWrap program packages. The -p wrapping option can now be used to create a wrapped application without the freeWrap executable component. The freeWrap program package can then be run using freeWrap as a single-file shell (example: freewish myapp.fwp).
  3. Added SQLite as one of the extensions that are included with freewrapPLUS
  4. Added a new variable into the ::freewrap namespace. The ::freewrap::runMode variable indicates whether freeWrap is running as:
Value of VariableMeaning
interactiveShellan interactive shell
standAloneShella stand-alone shell running a script
programPackagea wrapped executable program
  1. Improved the security of wrapped applications. FreeWrapped applications will detect whether they have been modidied or tampered with and refuse to run. As a result, the -e option is no longer available to create an application that is not encrypted.
  2. FreeWrap is no longer compressed with UPX. Therefore, users will notice an increase in the size of freeWrap and the executables that it produces. This size change should not be significant compared to recent increases in disk drive capacities.
  3. The -i option is now available under operating systems other than Windows so that the Windows application icon may be changed when using the -w (cross-platform generation) option.
  4. The default system encoding for freeWrap has been set to cp1252 and the documentation has been updated with additional words concerning the use of encodings.