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Changes for version 6.5

  1. FreeWrap 6.5 is based on TCL/TK 8.5.9
  2. BLT is once again included in freewrapPLUS thanks to BLT code modifications from Peter MacDonald and his WIZE project.
  3. Building freeWrap:
    1. freewrapTCLSH is no longer built with a dependency on the X11 libraries. This dependency was an error that prevented the application from running on systems without a graphics console.On Windows, freeWrap is now built using MinGW/Msys instead of MS Visual C++.
    2. The build process no longer requires an interactive step to enter the encryption key.
    3. FreeWrap is now built with Info-ZIP 2.32 to take advantage of its security-related fixes.
    4. The instructions for building freeWrap have been expanded.
  4. Incorporated a few fixes provided by Pawel Pawlak to properly set up the encoding system. Previously freeWrap forced the default encoding to cp1252.
  5. Added ::freewrap::Nagle command to control whether the Nagle algorithm is active on a specific socket.