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Changes for version 6.74

  1. The TWAPI extension included in freeWrap has been updated to version 4.5.2.
  2. Fixed a bug with the ::freewrap::makeZIP command where previous arguments to the command were included in the command line if the previous command line had more arguments than the new one.
  3. Fixed a bug with the ::freewrap::makeZIP command. The return value when the command fails is now properly cleared of the previous results.
  4. Updated freeWrap so that it mounts a freeWrap program package at /zvfs to be consistent with the file path specified in the _FWprogPack_init.txt file of the package.
  5. Corrected the freeWrap makefile to prevent inclusion of two unneeded files at the top of the internal freeWrap virtual
    file system.