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Changes for version 4.4

  1. freeWrap 4.4 is based on TCL/TK 8.3.2
  2. Added a -w “wrap using” option to specify the file to use as the freeWrap stub. This allows cross-platform creation of wrapped applications without the use of the target computer system.
  3. All extensions compiled into freeWrap ( Blt, winico, dde, registry, Tk) are now statically loaded and are available for loading into TCL interpreters created with the interp command.
  4. Created ::freewrap namespace and moved all existing freewrap variables, commands and procedures into it.
  5. Added some commands to install new file types and associations into the Windows registry.
  6. Added a ::freewrap::shortcut command to create shortcuts under Windows.
  7. Added a ::freewrap::getSpecialDir command to find “Start Menu”, “Desktop” and similar directory locations under Windows.
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