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Changes for version 5.0

  1. freeWrap 5.0 now compresses all wrapped files into a ZIP Virtual File System (ZVFS) archive attached to your executable. Bottom line: wrapped applications will be smaller.
  2. The file name referencing rules have changed slightly with the adoption of ZVFS for use in freeWrap.
  3. Some ::freewrap:: variables and procedures have been deleted and some new ones added.
  4. Encoding file cp1252.enc is now included as the default encoding for freeWrap.
  5. The freeWrap source code has been restructured to produce a simpler process for building different versions of freeWrap under different operating systems. The MKTCLAPP program is no longer needed.
  6. freeWrap 5.0 is based on TCL/TK release 8.3.4.
  7. “file stat” and “glob” now work on wrapped files.
  8. freeWrap will now complain and exit without producing an executable file if the filename specified with the -f switch cannot be found.
  9. freeWrap will now complain and exit if the executable file already exists and is open/running.
  10. The ZVFS used by freeWrap now preserves the case of file names under both UNIX and Windows.
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