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Changes for version 5.1

  1. ::freewrap ::getStubSize command now returns correct value.
  2. Modified info command to return a value when using the [info script] command for wrapped files. This makes wrapping of TCL package libraries much simpler.
  3. freeWrapBLT will now properly decrypt its wrapped BLT script library.
  4. The Windows versions of freeWrap are now compressed using PEcompact instead of UPX. UPX compressed executables have serious incompatibility problems with some Windows-based anti-virus programs (e.g. Norton, McAfee). This incompatiblity expresses itself in slow listings for directories containing wrapped applications, slow startup of freeWrap and wrapped applications . The Linux versions of freeWrap are still compressed with UPX.
  5. Made minor adjustment to initialization of auto_path variable
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