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Changes for version 6.0

  1. FreeWrap 6.0 is based on TCL/TK 8.4.8.
  2. Windows versions of freeWrap now contain Winico extension version 0.5. This update allows loading of icons directly from files contained within freeWrapped applications.
  3. FreeWrap was modified to use TCL’s newer Virtual File System hooks. This improves access to the files contained in freeWrap’s ZIP Virtual File System (ZVFS). Commands such as glob, encoding and file now treat the ZVFS files like normal files.
  4. UPX compression is once again used on the Windows versions. This results in a smaller executable file.
  5. The TkTable extension is now included along with the BLT extension and the resulting application has been named freewrapPLUS.
  6. The ::zvfs::filecopy command has been eliminated. The normal [file copy] command works fine and should now be used instead.
  7. Although the glob command now works properly on ZVFS files the ::zvfs::list command has been maintained since it provides slightly different functionality.
  8. Wrapping more than 64 files at once caused freeWrap to fail at the time of wrapping. This limitation has been removed.
  9. Added a missing semicolon to freeWrap procedures shell_getCmds and shell_getCmd_imp.
  10. Corrected behavior of [info script] command for file paths that include spaces.
  11. The wish console no longer pops-up when first starting a wrapped program.