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Changes for version 6.1

  1. FreeWrap 6.1 is based on TCL/TK 8.4.11.
  2. FreeWrapPlus can now load BLT into slave interpreters. The necessary patch has been applied to the BLT code.
  3. FreeWrap 6.0 did not recognize UNC file paths properly. This problem has been corrected. FILE and GLOB commands that use UNC file paths will now work correctly.
  4. Corrected operation of the (-i) icon change option.
  5. Added -forcewrap command line option to force freeWrap to act as a wrapping program even if it has been renamed.
  6. Added a -debug command line option which opens a console window so the user can see debug messages while wrapping.
  7. Corrected formatting of makeZIP command description in the HTML documentation.